Sceatta List

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Sceatta List  - Tony AbramsonSCEATTA LIST - TONY ABRAMSON

3rd EDITION 2021 

The 3rd Edition of Sceatta List includes 700 varieties of Sceattas, or Sceats as they are often called, which are regularly found by detectorists but are not so easy to identify. This book, with its hundreds of photographs and detailed descriptions, allows the reader not only to identify a coin with ease, but also gives a precise valuation in two conditions a must have book for every detectorist and coin collector.

This third edition of Sceatta List takes the number of varieties listed and illustrated to beyond seven hundred. It builds on the work of pioneers in the field - Rigold, Metcalf, Blackburn and Gannon.

The volume is essentially for and essential to collectors, curators, cataloguers, detectorists and dealers, among others, and includes guidance on scarcity and values.


Hardback, 424 pages £50