Cleaning Coins & Artefacts

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Cleaning Coins & Artefacts by David VillanuevaCleaning Coins & Artefacts by David Villanueva sets out to show you what you can safely do to clean & preserve metal detector finds. Whilst recognising that finds of significant monetary or historical value are best left to experts there is much that can be done to preserve, conserve and display your finds.

The chapter headings give you an idea of the coverage of this title:
- Introduction
- In The Field
- Map Reading
- Safe Storage
- Identification & Assessment
- Introduction To Cleaning Finds
- Mechanical Cleaning
- Electrolysis
- Chemical Cleaning and Conservation
- Repair, Restoration and Replication
- Photographing Your Finds
- Storage And Display
- The Treasure Act
- Bibliography and Suppliers

A5 (210 x 148mm)
ISBN 978 1 897738 337