Site Research & Successful Detecting Sites

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Site Research by David Villanueva
Site research, it seems, is one of the more neglected aspects of our hobby. Why should one field be productive of finds year after year and yet the next field
be totally barren? The answer is past human activity, and David Villanueva shows in this book, through map and document research, how to locate such activity.

£ 21.95
Successful Detecting SitesSuccessful sites, according to most metal detectorists, are those with the potential to produce large quantities of quality coins and artefacts from all periods; Bronze Age to modern.
Using rare 18th & 19th century sources, David Villanueva has drawn on over 30 years experience in metal detecting and historical research to compile this exciting guide to thousands of potentially successful detecting sites throughout the United Kingdom, with histories stretching back hundreds or even thousands of years.
This is the only site guide you will ever need for the author of Site Research explains clearly how to generate a host of successful detecting sites from every place in the guide, which will keep your finds bag overflowing for years to come.
And to lead you to these Sites, there is a wealth of valuable information included together with superb facsimilies of 90 highly detailed Victorian maps covering every UK county so you get a complete antique county atlas as well.