A History of Roman Coinage in Britain

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A History of Roman Coinage in Britain by Sam Moorhead

This beautiful book by Sam Moorhead contains over 800 coins are illustrated in over 1600 colour photographs showing both obverse and reverse for each coin. There are also over 30 distribution maps. The book provides a chronological overview of Roman coinage from 300BC to the early 5th Century AD with an emphasis on the coinage used in Britain.
If you have a Roman coin that you want to identify, look no further....

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A History of Medieval Coinage in England by Richard Kelleher
**Now in hardback, the ultimate guide to help you identify your hammered coins**

A History of Medieval Coinage is an excellent reference guide to identifying medieval coins. Containing over 530 beautiful colour photographs together with a comprehensive listing of mints, moneyers and denominations for all English and Irish coins struck between 1066 and 1489. 

While providing guidance on identification this book also places coinage in its historical context and gives insight into how coins were manufactured, used in circulation and lost or buried in a hoard. Along with the beautiful photos, the book contains 125 distribution maps, tables and images of places and people which help bring to life the medieval world in which coins were used and lost.