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This month's contents include:

News and Views - 
This month’s selection of metal detecting news and

stories includes some amazing gold coins spanning almost 2000 years, as

well as an inspirational tale of metal detecting through adversity from

Wendy and Jon Baldwin.


Reader Finds - A glorious pictorial summary of some of our readers’ recent



Where Have all the Finds Gone? - James Lomas investigates why a

promising Roman villa site just doesn’t seem to produce any finds.


Finding Roman Villas and Farmsteads (part 1) - Julian Evan-Hart offers

some hints and tips to help you locate previously undiscovered Roman sites.


A Wartime Hoard While on a club dig in Yorkshire, Darren Booth

unearths a very unusual hoard of buttons and buckles.


My First Hoard - Mark Westby locates a fantastic hoard of Roman silver

coins on his Lincolnshire permission.


The Ropsley Hoard - John Philpotts of Silbury Coins looks at the story

and background behind the amazing hoard of over 500 Roman silver coins

and examines the many emperors and differing reverses featured within the

hoard matrix.


The Priory, Suffolk Sandlands - Julian Evan-Hart seizes the chance to

detect around the grounds of Butley Priory which is steeped in history.


Celtic Coin Values - Details and sale prices of Celtic coins sold recently by

Chris Rudd Auctions.


Product Review: WSA II Headphones - Gary Blackwell introduces the

new range of headphones from XP, designed for the Deus II.


The Quest for Roman - Jim Stevenson finally strikes gold after he and

his father spent years hunting for elusive Roman coins on their permissions

in Scotland.


Auction Round-Up - A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions’ recent