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This month's contents include: 

News and Views – There are some stunning finds in this month’s selection of news and stories from around the world of metal detecting, including a potentially unique Parisian Style gold half stater and the intrigue surrounding 

the unearthing of another mancus of Ecgberht.


An Archaeologist Ahead of His Time – James Lomas meets up with Gilbert Burleigh who has been working with detectorists since the 1970s and has been involved with some amazing discoveries.


Celtic Coin Values – Details and sale prices of Celtic coins sold recently by Chris Rudd Auctions.


The Fabulous Braintree Hoard – Rachel Aked reviews the coins that make up this fascinating Anglo-Saxon hoard found in 2019 in Essex and recently sold at auction.


South West Searchers Visit Shropshire – Read Hayley Ferme’s account of two detecting groups coming together for an epic weekend.


The Minelab Manticore: A Year In – Adrian Gayler gives an in-depth review having put this machine through its paces over the past 12 months.


Let’s Talk Iron – Gary Blackwell’s interesting article looks to understand why we get so many iron signals, and how to avoid them!


Reader Finds – A glorious pictorial summary of some of our readers’ recent finds.


A Brief Look at Roman Steelyard Weights – Julian Evan-Hart examines these common detecting finds – how did they work and why do we find so many of them?


Auction Round-Up – A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions’ recent sale.