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This month's contents include:

News and Views 
A look at this months news and stories from the world of metal detecting, including some rare Roman coins, an inventive way of dealing with the dreaded stubble and some beautiful golden finds.

Reader Finds  A round-up of some of our readers' recent finds.


Hidden Valley Treasures  Mark Vine and his detecting partners make some wonderful finds from their site steeped in Civil War history.


One Hundred and Ten Detectors and Forty Years Later  Richard Illand returns to the hobby after a break of four decades and makes a phenomenal amount of finds on his Yorkshire permissions.


Identifying Medieval Coins  In his third article of the series, Carl Savage explains how to identify the earlier coinage of Edward I (1279-1301).


My Favourite Finds  Gordon Bailey presents some of the many finds he has made over the years, including rare forgeries and an impressive collection of dog leash swivels.


 Hoards and Seal Rings  John Parry revisits the site of a Roman hoard and unearths a lovely intaglio ring.


From Birmingham to Bush  Steven Maher shares how his metal detecting exploits in Queensland, Australia, help with his PTSD battle.


Eve of Destruction  Denise Moncaster doesnt let the local wildlife prevent her from getting out and unearthing a selection of interesting coins and artefacts.


Lost Viking Skirmish Site?  The discovery of several Anglo-Saxon and Viking artefacts on his permission leaves Nick Pane wondering just what events might have occurred here in the past.


Celtic Coin Values  Details and sale prices of some of the beautiful Celtic coins sold by Chris Rudd Auctions in March.


A Stunning Tudor Ring  Simon Wildmans previously unproductive field suddenly gives up its treasure.


My Golden Ring Trio Pete Jacksons first two years of detecting with his Minelab E-Trac yield an impressive haul.


Auction Round-Up  A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions' recent sale.