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This month's contents include: 

News and Views  This months selection of news and stories from around the world of metal detecting includes a Bronze Age hoard from Wales and a hoard of buttons from the Thames.


Reader Finds  A glorious pictorial summary of some of our readers recent finds.


An Introduction to Early Scottish Coinage  John Philpotts looks at the history of coinage in Scotland, from the first issues in the 12th century.


Sunbathing Romans and Folded Hammereds  Michael Stanley makes some great finds in Somerset with his XP Deus II.


Those Wonky Tealby Pennies of Henry II   Adrian Gayler examines the discovery of the Tealby Hoard and the pennies that take its name.


Celtic Coin Values  Details and sale prices of Celtic coins sold recently by Chris Rudd Auctions.


Ancient Rome to the Internet  Ella Mackenzie reports on sales of coins from the Botley Hoard and a stunning gold solidus


Dont Be Mislead   Nick Toczek presents some of his lead finds and looks at the historical usage of this deadly metal.


A Small World  Alison Harrington braves the winter weather and Essex clay to winkle out some interesting finds.


Celtic Gold and Republican Silver Hoard  A Field Is Never Truly Done Jana Karst and the History Hunters Metal Detecting Group unearth a rare hoard of gold staters and Roman denarii.


Hollys Gold  Penny Vickers strikes gold on a club dig in Cheshire.


Auction Round-Up  A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions recent sale.