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This month's contents include:

Shropshire Bronze Age Hoard - Ben Carlisle’s last-minute decision to head off to a dig certainly paid dividends with a wonderful discovery.

Detecting Britain’s Coast - David Villanueva gives some great tips and advice on how to get the most out of detecting beaches and riverbanks.

Valuing the Jersey Hoard Coins -  Ten years after the amazing discovery, Liz Cottam explains the very thorough process Chris Rudd Ltd followed to value the famous Jersey Hoard and ensure the finders were fairly rewarded.

An Ancient Archer’s Arrow - A chat with a local farmer leads to new fields to search for John Keen, where he adds to his collection of finds, both eyes only and using his XP Deus.

Rescued from the Plough - Matt Garrod unearths an unusual Roman bell containing mystery artefacts using his Minelab Vanquish 540.

Norfolk Treasure Chest - Jennie Fitzgerald couldn’t believe her eyes when she came across a padlocked treasure chest buried on a Norfolk beach.

Fortune Favours the Brave - Ignoring the terrible weather, Johnathan Bull heads out onto a Jersey beach and is rewarded with a gold coin.

Collecting British Army Buttons - Dixon Pickup shares his passion for army buttons and looks at the changes over the past 400 years.

Celtic Coin Values - Details and sale prices of Celtic coins sold recently by

Chris Rudd Auctions.

Making Plans for Nigel - Mark Vine responds to a request to help Nigel Richardson with his metal detecting-based book by taking him out on his Dorset Jacobean manor house permission.

Auction Round-Up - A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions’ recent sale.

News and Views - 
This month’s selection of metal detecting news and stories include returning a 900-year-old seal to its priory, returning a WWI identity disc to its owner’s family and returning a lost wedding ring to a very thankful husband!

Reader Finds - 
A pictorial summary of some of our readers’ recent finds.