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This month's contents include:

News and Views  A look at this months news and stories from the world of metal detecting, including several mysterious items that were hoping

readers of Treasure Hunting might be able to help identify.

Reader Finds  A round-up of some of our readers' recent finds.

Field Test  Quest  Adrian Gayler puts the Quest Q30 through its paces on Essex farmland and beaches.

A Treasured Friendship  Terry Lewis looks back at the finds and friendship metal detecting has brought him.

My A-Z of Detecting (Part 4)  Read the final instalment of Alison Harringtons alphabetical tour of the detecting world.

Collecting and Collections (Part 3)  Gordon Bailey recalls his days searching one particularly prolific permission and presents a selection of his wonderful finds.

Celtic Coin Values  Details and sale prices of some of the beautiful Celtic coins sold by Chris Rudd Auctions in January.

Forgers Hoard?  John Francis finds what appears to be the remnants of an 18th century forgery business.

Ridgewell Relic Recovery  Julian Evan-Hart joins a club search next to an old USAAF airbase.

Field of Dreams  Adam Smith unearths a beautiful Celtic gold stater, amongst other great finds, while out detetcting with his wife Wendy.

Ive Got Some Old Coins Boy  The words that bring music to Julian Evan-Harts ears as he has the chance to look through Derricks collection.

From Ace to Equinox  Phil Deakin upgrades his machine and shares his experiences, as well as his finds.

An Unusual Ampulla  Philip Dadd discovers an unusual skirted pilgrimampulla on his North Somerset permission.

Auction Round-up  A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions'  recent sale.