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Metal Sewing Thimbles Found in Britain – by Brian Read
(1st Published 2018 by Archeopress)

Hundreds of colour photographs and archaeological drawings


This is the first reference book that deals specifically with all types of sewing-thimble found in Britain, made from copper-alloy or silver, or either of these metals combined with iron or steel; also included is a seemingly rare gold specimen. Domed, ring-type and open-top (here the latter classed as a new type) sewing-thimbles are described, among them unusual examples and others previously absent from the known record. From Britain the earliest reliable dating for these humble yet fascinating tools is between c.1270 - c.1350, and continues through the medieval and early post-medieval period and into the 18th and 19th centuries. 


This work also covers in detail the largely neglected sailmakers’ and sailors’ palm-iron, a heavy-duty tool made from either iron, steel or copper-alloy dating from at least the 17th century.


Also described are the two known types of silver or copper-alloy finger guard, an 18th - 19th-century tool used in conjunction with finer sewing-thimbles.


The majority of sewing-thimbles and other sewing-tools catalogued here are credited to metal detectorists or members of The Society of Thames Mudlarks, who also sometimes use metal detectors. To show constructional detail, each object is archaeologically drawn. This information is essential for metal detectorists, archaeologists, museum curators, sewing-tool collectors and dealers, or anyone with an interest, seeking to gauge the type or age of any particular sewing-thimble or palm-iron.

118pp, A4, softback, £19.95