Roman Provincial Coinage IV.4, Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192)

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Roman Provincial Coinage IV.4, Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192)

Roman Provincial Coinage IV.4, Antoninus Pius to Commodus (AD 138–192): Egypt by Chris Howgego

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The latest volume to be published in this highly regarded series, this volume provides an authoritative and systematic account of the coins minted for Roman Egypt between AD 138 and 192. It is the first of four volumes, which will cover the provincial coinage of this crucial period of Roman history in its entirety.

The coinage in this volume was produced at Alexandria, the commercial and cultural capital of the eastern Mediterranean. It is dated by the year, making it an invaluable guide to imperial presentation and to economic developments during this transitional period. Its iconography is of exceptional interest to scholars and collectors, combining fascinating aspects of Greek, Roman and Egyptian culture.

The book gives a complete picture of the material, meeting the needs of numismatists and providing an essential reference for historians, archaeologists and other students of the Roman empire. The introductory chapters and extensive catalogue are accompanied by illustrations of virtually all known types.

• An essential reference for numismatists, historians, archaeologists and all students of the Roman empire
• Catalogues over 19,000 coins classified into over 3,570 varieties from the world’s principal collections and from auction catalogues
• Covers some of the most collected types, including sets of signs of the Zodiac, the Labours of Hercules, and the Egyptian nomes (administrative districts)
• Addresses the unique relationship between Alexandria and Rome
• Sets the coinage in context and shows how it may be brought to bear on questions of general historical interest

276 x 219 mm
828 pages
2 parts: Part 1 = 536pp, Part 2 = 252pp
252 black and white plates
Hardback, slip case, in two bound volumes
British Museum Press, co-published with Bibliothèque nationale de France