Ancient Greek & Roman Coins - Vol 2 - NEW

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Ancient Greek & Roman Coins - Vol 2 - NEW


An Introductory Guide to Ancient Greek and Roman Coins: Volume II REGAL COINS OF THE HELLENISTIC AGE

by David R Sear


This is the second volume (of three) of David Sear's new introductory guide to ancient coins, covering the coinages of the successor kingdoms to Alexander the Great's Vast conquests in the eastern Mediterranean region, the Middle East and beyond. It forms part of Spink's new Living History series.

Ancient coins have long fascinated generations of collectors by virtue of their beauty, the stories they tell, and for the unique insight they give into the history of the time in which they were made. They can be held, felt, and examined without the need for visiting a museum - they are, quite literally, living history. 

David Sear's three volume guide is intended to give a general background to the fascinating world of ancient coins, looking back more than 26 centuries to the lands of the eastern Mediterranean, at how coins were designed and produced, and at how they can reveal so much to us today of the time in which they were produced. 

David Sear is among the most notable numismatic authors writing today; his seminal texts have become the standard handbooks for collectors of ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine coinage. His Introductory Guide is intended as an approachable and informative introduction to the hobby, and is a must for anyone interested in the history of the ancient Greek and Roman world.