The Short-Cross Coinage 1180-1247

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The Short-Cross Coinage 1180-1247

The Short-Cross Coinage 1180-1247 by Christopher R. Wren

Paperback, 96 pages

This volume covers coinage of Henry II to Henry III and is part of 
Christopher Wren’s invaluable trio of guides to Medieval pennies which were first published in the 1990s and are intended as an introduction to assist new collectors and detectorists alike in classifying the coins.

These books give a brief historical context of the short cross coinage and the development of the classification system in used today.  Information from the original written records has been invaluable in establishing a chronology, and in placing coins of the different types in sequence.

These Royal Numismatic Society Lhotka Prize winning titles are packed full of practical information on this extensive English medieval penny series.  They includes tables and many drawings, together with a detailed bibliography for further reading, and notes on such subjects as legend errors, continental imitations and the related issues from Scotland and Ireland.