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This month's contents include:

News and Views – A round-up of stories from the metal detecting world, including a rare medieval reliquary pendant with its contents still intact!

Reader Finds –A showcase of some of our readers’ recent finds.

The Mysterious Golden Bangle – Billy Vaughan’s account of finding a stunning Bronze Age gold bracelet.

The Mudlark Treasures of Rae Love – Jason Sandy interviews fellow mudlark Rae Love and shares her favourite finds from the Thames.

Big Birds and Buckles – Denise Moncaster unearths another selection of interesting artefacts including a pair of lead toy aeroplanes.

There’s Gold in Them There Hills – A rally in Dorset organised by Pete Penfold produces some special finds, including several pieces of Bronze Age gold.

Nine Golden Years – A look at Dave Clarke’s stunning gold finds made during his nine years of detecting.

Pictures from the Past – Hopenscope looks at the history of medieval church brasses, explaining why these are often found as fragments by detectorists.

Historic Site Returns – Scott Reardon continues to discover coins and artefacts from medieval to Victorian on his London sites.

Coinage in Anglo-Saxon England – This month Dr Richard Kelleher takes a look at the Northumbrian Series.

Purse Spill or Hoard? – Gary Smith finds a small hoard of Edward I hammered pennies.

Anglo-Saxon Treasure – Chris Burnsall shares his story of finding an Anglo-Saxon sword pommel and its journey through the Treasure process.

Auction Round-Up – A review of some of the lots sold in TimeLine Auctions latest sale.

A Medieval Rarity – Gary Cook reports on Steve Murtie’s incredibly rare medieval headstall find.

Club Round-Up