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This month's contents include:


News and Views A look at this month’s news and stories from the world of metal detecting, including the discovery of a unique Anglo-Saxon gold penny of Ecgberht found in Wiltshire, rumoured to be worth up to £500,000.


Tales Behind the Tokens Adrian Marsden examines history behind some of the 17th Century tokens issued in Norwich.


The Hideaway Halfcrown Barry Hardwick decides to auction off some of his coin collection, including a rare Charles I halfcrown.


A Hoard of Henries Levi Hussey finds a very unusual hoard of Henry III pennies.


A Stuart Silver Shilling John Keen finds a beautiful Charles I shilling on a new permission which leads to some interesting research.


Introducing the Finds Liaison Officers This month the spotlight falls on Teresa Gilmore, FLO for East Staffordshire and North West Midlands.


Caratacus Strikes Gold Chris Rudd examines how recent discoveries and numismatic research are rewriting the story of Britain’s first famous royal family.


Shells and Seashells Pauline Neaum stumbles across a remarkable pile of ordnance on the North East Coast.


Reader Finds A round-up of some of our readers’ recent finds.


Collecting and Collections Gordon Bailey recalls his experiences as a coin dealer in the 1950s through to his first forays with a metal detector in the 70s.


Doggerland Discoveries Matt Stevens and his friend John Craven discover a vast assemblage of flint tools on an East Anglian beach after some ‘sandscaping’ was carried out.


Celtic Coin Values Details and sale prices of some of the beautiful Celtic coins sold by Chris Rudd Auctions in July.