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TREASURE HUNTING NOVEMBER 2018This month's contents include:

News and Views – some great stories and finds featured, including a stunning Woden head mount, Charles Horner butterflies and gold galore!

Bronze Age Founder’s Hoard – Paul Hewett

Not Quite Real – a look at some commonly found fake coins, by Allan Wallace

Strange Goings On – Andrew Harper recounts his spooky experiences while out detecting

Finds from the Manor – A great selection of finds from a new site, by David Stuckey

Yorkshire Searchers – Their Story – from small beginnings to some amazing finds, by Stuart Littlewood

Starting Out with the Garrett Ace 250 – Phil Deakin

A Field of Milled Coins – John Keen

Buttons from My Collection – Roman Ron presents some of his best button finds over the past 62 years!

Detecting in New Zealand – Clancy Hunt

A Genuine Enigma Revealed – A group of Romanian detectorists unearth a German Enigma machine, by Michele RMA

Spotlight on PAS Finds – This month focuses on 15 star finds recorded by the West Midlands region, by Dr Kevin Leahy

Club Round-Up

Reader Finds