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TREASURE HUNTING JUNE 2018In this issue:

Competition – Win a Makro Kruzer

Product Review – XP MI-4 Pinpointer  Gary Blackwell

A Wonderful Celtic Hoard  Mike Smith

The North End Hoard  Tristan Everson

Votive Iron Age Hoard  Alan Baxter

Just Loving the Lead  Freddie Tones

Coinage in Early Anglo-Saxon England – Secondary Phase Coins, Southern and Eastern England  Dr. Richard Kelleher

My Favourite Finds – The Early Years ‘Eyes Only’  Roman Ron

April But No Showers  Gill Davies

A Knight for a Day – Time Travelling to Medieval London  Jason Sandy

Finds from Toddy’s Digs Scotland  Toddy Irvine

Past, Present and Future  Steve Taylor

Club Round-Up

News and Views

Reader Finds

Auction Round-Up