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TREASURE HUNTING JULY 2017In this issue:

Views of the Anglo-Saxons and Vikings  David Villanueva

A Detectorist’s Guide to Field Archaeology  Steve Webb

Bronze Casting the Old Way  Mark Vyvyan-Penney

Spotlight on PAS Finds  Amy Marsh

Memories of a Sussex Detectorist  Chris Hall

A Guide to Finding the Right Sites – The Holistic View  Andrew Wight

My Buckle Collection  Roman Ron

Weekend Wanderers Easter Rally 2017  Andrew Coombs

Field Test Report – Deteknix Scuba Tector  Toddy Irvine

Finding an Anglo-Saxon Sword Pommel Cap  James Exton

Auction Round-Up

Absolutely Hammered  Gareth Jones

Club Round-Up

News and Views

Reader Finds

Readers’ Letters