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8 News and Views

23  Finding the Big One An interview with Adam ‘n’ Lisa, recounting their amazing story of unearthing a massive hoard of almost 2500 Late-Saxon and Norman hammered pennies!

30  Reader Finds A showcase of wonderful finds from all over the UK.

36  Coinage in Anglo-Saxon England Dr Richard Kelleher’s series continues with a look at Anglo-Saxon coins minted on the Continent.

43  A Mosquito Story Russ Abbey recounts his 10 year quest to locate a war time crash site.

53  Introducing Your FLO This new series of articles aims to introduce the FLOs around the country and kicks off with Kevin Leahy, National Finds Adviser at the British Museum.

59  Auction Round-Up A look at some of the great lots sold recently by TimeLine Auctions.

65  A Berlin Adventure Jonathan Booker jumps at the chance to search a wooded area used by the Nazis just outside Berlin.

66  Locating Productive Sites Using Map Overlays David Villanueva shares his techniques on using modern technology to overlay old maps onto Google Earth.

73  Peaks and Troughs Denise Moncaster produces some interesting finds from a new site with her Laser Rapier.

78  We’d Better Join a Club Paul Davis and his friend Dave decide to take their detecting to the next level.

83  Club Round-Up