The Metal in Britain's Coins - by Graham Birch

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The Metal in Britain's Coins - by Graham Birch

Hardcover, colour illustrations throughout.  

Have you ever wondered where the metal in your finds actually comes from, or how it was obtained? Graham Birch's book The Metal in Britain's Coins examines the provenance of the metals used in British coins from Celtic staters to 21st Century silver. It examines the messages they convey and provides a fascinating insight into the stories behind our coinage over two millennia.

From wealth brought in by ships to treasure seized during wartime, this oblique look at 2,000 years of Britainís coins is a must for all numismatists and history lovers alike. 

Topics covered include: 

- The origins of Britain's earliest coins 
- Coins of the corporations
- Coins made with captured gold and silver
- Silver, tin and copper mines of Britain
- The Gold rush of the British Empire
- Coins made from shipwreck treasure

£40, 30 x 20 cm - ISBN: 9781912667437