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This month's contents include:

Denarii Hoard Delight - Darren Booths first ever Roman coin find turns out to be part of a hoard.



Field TestGarrett ACE Apex - Adrian Gayler puts the latest machine from Garrett through its paces on both farmland and the beach.



Roman Silver Hoard - Igor Murawski recounts the tale of two friends who helped a farmer find his wedding ring, which would ultimately lead them to the best permission ever.



A Heap of Axe-Heads -Dixie Dykes and his friend Tony search a stubble field in Suffolk with spectacular results.



Going Solo - Donna Martin ventures out on her own permissions in Cambridgeshire and researches the history and folklore of some fascinating sites.



Detecting up the Dale - Barry Hardwick manages to secure a permission on his mini-break in County Durham.



Detecting for Veterans Rally - Gary Cook and Julian Evan-Hart take a look at some of the stunning finds from the Ancaster rally held in September 2020.



Collecting and Collections - This second article of Gordon Baileys series focuses on a field he began searching in the 1970s which would go on to provide over a quarter of his entire collection.



Auction Round-Up - A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions' recent sale.



News and Views - A look at this months news and stories from the world of metal detecting, including some really unusual finds and a world record sale price for a Celtic coin.



Reader Finds - A round-up of some of our readersrecent finds.


Celtic Coin Values - Details and sale prices of some of the beautiful Celtic coins sold by Chris Rudd Auctions in November 2020.