Pottery in Britain by Lloyd Laing

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Pottery in Britain by Lloyd Laing
"Clay is an exceptionally versatile material. It can be made into many useful and beautiful objects, decorated in a splendid variety of ways and, if exposed to high temperatures, made into pottery. Both rich and poor have used pottery since the Stone Age, so the way the craft developed gives unusually clear insights into intimate details of lifestyle and outlooks in even remote periods.”

Pottery in Britain, a guide to identifying pot sherds, by Lloyd Laing, aims to provide an introductory guide to identifying some of the basic types of pottery that may be found and contains 178 illustrations, mainly in colour, divided into the following sections:
The potter’s craft 
The study of pottery 
Prehistoric pottery- the Neolithic Period circa 4000-2000BC 
The Bronze Age circa 2000- 700BC 
The Iron Age circa 700/ 600BCAD43
The Roman Period AD43 - circ AD409 
The Dark Ages & Early Medieval Period 
The Medieval Period - 11th-15th Centuries ? The 16th & 17th Centuries 
The 18th & 19th Centuries 
Glossary of terminology.

250mm x 190mm, 136 pages, ISBN
1 897738 145