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This month's contents include: 

Identifying and Researching Roman Finds – In this first instalment of a new series, Richard Henry looks at how to identify 4th century Roman coins.


Civil War Hoard – Read Stephen Grey’s account of Dave Clifton’s amazing discovery of over 350 coins buried in the 17th century.


Northumbrian Styca Hoard – Tomasz Bielawski and his detecting buddy Matt’s dreams come true with the discovery of a rare hoard of stycas.


Pilgrim Relics – Aaron Hammond takes a look at the vast array of pilgrimage souvenirs that are discovered by mudlarks and detectorists.


British Celtic Coins – Dr Tim Wright presents an introduction to these beautiful coins in 20 images.


As Time Goes By – Gill Davies showcases the Bronze Age finds she has made from her farm in Kent.


Barbarous Radiates – Julian Evan-Hart examines the history behind these contemporary copies of Roman antoniniani.


Rodney Cook Rally 2023 – Julian Evan-Hart reports back on some of the lovely finds made at this year’s event.


Product Review: Loxley Target Gloves – Adrian Gayler field tests the new gloves from Crawfords, designed specifically for detectorists.


News and Views – This month’s selection of news and stories from around the world of metal detecting includes several fascinating brooches and badges, from Roman to the 20th century.


Reader Finds – A glorious pictorial summary of some of our readers’ recent finds.


Celtic Coin Values – Details and sale prices of Celtic coins sold recently by Chris Rudd Auctions.



Auction Round-Up – A selection of lots sold at TimeLine Auctions’ recent