British Celtic Coins: Art or Imitation? By Tim Wright - NEW

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British Celtic Coins: Art or Imitation? By Tim Wright - NEW


British Celtic Coins: Art or Imitation?

Tim Wright

£30.00 Hardback. 144 pages.

The peoples of pre-Roman Britain remain an enigma. Our perceptions are shaped by two narratives, that of contemporary Roman colonists and more recent Celtic nationalists, who vilify and glorify them in equal measure. The more we learn, the less we know with certainty: should they be described as ‘Celtic peoples’, were they organised into the ‘tribes’ that later formed Roman administrative districts (civitas) and, beyond a few famous names like Cunobelinus (Shakespeare’sCymbeline), were they led by ‘kings’ or ‘chieftains’?

The coins from this period are no less controversial. Britain was a late adopter of coinage, initially importing coins from the Gallo-Belgic continent and then copying their Macedonian-inspired prototypes. Britain also produced them for longer than the continent, latterly incorporating themes and imagery from Rome. These bookends of external influence have led some to dismiss the coins of pre-Roman Britain (and indeed ‘Celtic’ coins generally) as inferior. The most compelling counter to this is the coins themselves, explored through the theme of Art or Imitation? What we find is extraordinary variety and originality, that makes a powerful case for their collection and study.

Tim Wright is a collector of ancient coins. His initial interest was in the Greek coins of Magna Graecia and Republican Rome, but he is now focused on the coins of pre-Roman Britain.

‘A breezy and beautifully illustrated introduction to British Celtic Coins which blows away any notion that they are inferior to Greek and Roman coins. Dr Tim Wright will dazzle and delight you with his wise words and enchanting coin images’

Chris Rudd