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Beginner's Guide to Metal DetectingBeginner's Guide to Metal Detecting by Julian Evan-Hart & Dave Stuckey

Just started detecting? Thinking of becoming a detectorist? THIS BOOK IS FOR YOU!
Completely updated in 2012 Beginner's Guide has been written by experienced detectorists to give the newcomer to metal detecting everything they need to know to get the best out of this fascinating hobby.
Chapters include:
Different types of Detectors available
Where to detect
Search Techniques
Identifying, Recording, Cleaning, Storing & Displaying finds

98 pages
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An A-Z of 1001 Field Names and Their Interpretation - by Peter SpackmanThe more knowledge we have about the land we detect the better our chances of making significant finds – research is a powerful tool and this book will prove invaluable to anyone who is serious about metal detecting.

What is a field-name, how did it obtain its name, when was it named, has the name changed over the centuries and what does it mean? These are some of the fundamental questions which this book will help to answer, giving an insight into past lives, land management and usage.

This fascinating book explores the roots of field names, many of which contain hidden meanings referring to long-lost practices involving myths, legends, and customs.Historians, archaeologists, metal detectorists, fieldwalkers and anyone interested in the social history of the United Kingdom will find this book a fascinating read.

This book offers a new and exciting dictionary style format. The author has drawn on a wide range of literature covering: archaeology, biology, entomology, etymology, genealogy, geology, history, mathematics, mineralogy, mythology, sociology, technology, and flora and fauna, to name but a few subjects.
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Treasure Hunting CapTreasure Hunting Cap - quality baseball cap in black cotton. (one size)
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COIN YEARBOOK 2021 - special offer only £5SALE! Now only £5 (limited stock)


The COIN YEARBOOK is now firmly established as the book used by both collectors and coin dealers alike and is the independent price guide and collector’s handbook for the coin collecting hobby. Fully revised and updated, the COIN YEARBOOK 2021 will once again feature accurate up to date prices for English, Scottish, Irish and Island coins (the IOM fully updated for 2021) with the coins illustrated in full colour.

The easy-to-use price guide covers: Ancient coins used in Britain (Celtic and Roman – ideal for metal detectorists) Hammered coinage 959-1663, Milled coinage and Modern decimal coinage. AND THIS YEAR THERE’S A BRAND NEW SECTION ON BRITANNIAS TOO! ...and all for just £9.95


424 pages


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TREASURE HUNTING NOVEMBER 2021Treasure Hunting November issue 2021

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