Roman Buckles & Brooches

£ 26.95
Roman Buckles & Brooches identification

This beautiful new A4 Hardback book looks at the artefacts from the period leading up to the end of Roman rule in Britain. The early chapters seek to understand what was happening in Britain at that time, while the second part looks in detail at examples of brooches, buckles, belt fittings and spurs that have been dated to that period. The end of Roman Britain continues to fascinate
 and this publication uses many artefacts found by detectorists to make an important contribution to our  knowledge.
Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs, together with 40 distribution maps, Roman Brooches and Buckles provides new information on typologies, the dates  when the objects were made and their distributions. It will be of  interest to metal detectorists and specialists alike.

Richard Henry is a finds specialist who has worked for the Portable  Antiquities Scheme as the Finds Liaison Officer for Wiltshire,  for Historic England and as a museum curator. He has published books  and articles on Roman archaeology, material culture, coinage and  hoards.


Full Colour, A4 Hardback, 152 pages, £26.95