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Roman Buckles & Brooches  **NEW - NOW IN STOCK!**

This beautiful new A4 Hardback book looks at the artefacts from the period leading up to the end of Roman rule in Britain. The early chapters seek to understand what was happening in Britain at that time, while the second part looks in detail at examples of brooches, buckles, belt fittings and spurs that have been dated to that period. The end of Roman Britain continues to fascinate
 and this publication uses many artefacts found by detectorists to make an important contribution to our  knowledge.
Lavishly illustrated with colour photographs, together with 40 distribution maps, Roman Brooches and Buckles provides new information on typologies, the dates  when the objects were made and their distributions. It will be of  interest to metal detectorists and specialists alike.

Richard Henry is a finds specialist who has worked for the Portable  Antiquities Scheme as the Finds Liaison Officer for Wiltshire,  for Historic England and as a museum curator. He has published books  and articles on Roman archaeology, material culture, coinage and  hoards.


Full Colour, A4 Hardback, 152 pages, £26.95

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FINDS IDENTIFIED                             **BESTSELLER**


The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme


An illustrated guide to metal detecting and archaeological finds

This beautiful book is possibly the most comprehensive finds identification book ever published.

The Team at the British Museum and the Portable Antiquities Scheme have spent years collating, identifying and photographing finds from the Stone Age through to the 20th century, and for the first time, this book pulls together a selection of the most interesting items in one beautiful volume. Lavishly illustrated with thousands of photographs, this book not only helps to identify the artefacts but puts them in context and offers detailed information on each object.

This book is organised on a thematic basis with similar types of objects being placed together, rather than separated by period. This will allow readers to see how object types changed over time with the introduction of new materials, techniques and styles.

By Dr Kevin Leahy & Dr Michael Lewis

1,200 artefacts - 2,900 colour photos

360 pages, A4, Hardback. £31.95


£ 31.95


The British Museum’s Portable Antiquities Scheme

FINDS IDENTIFIED II – Dress Fittings & Ornaments

by Kevin Leahy & Michael Lewis

The second book in the Finds Identified series, this volume focuses on dress fittings and ornaments, the most common artefacts found by metal detectorists. Beautifully illustrated, with thousands of photographs of over 1300 artefacts, this book provides an essential guide to identifying metal detecting finds.
As with the first book, the objects are organised on a thematic basis, with similar types shown together, allowing you to see how various types of artefacts have evolved through the ages.

Contents include:
Brooches, Pins & Bodkins, Buckles, Belt Clasps,
Strap Fittings, Belt Hooks & Purses, Girdle Hangers
& Chatelaines, Strap Ends, Button and Loop
Fasteners and Toggles, Sleeve Clasps, Hooked
Tags and Dress Hooks, Buttons and Cufflinks, Lace
Tags, Torcs and Necklaces, Beads, Pendants, Rings,
Bracelets and Finger Rings, Earrings, Spurs, Badges

300+ pages, A4, Hardback. 1,300+ artefacts 
3,000+ colour photographs £31.95


£ 25.00



This fantastic A4 Hardback book is a must have for anyone trying to identify metal detecting finds.

320 pages packed with over 1,700 artefacts, all beautifully hand drawn and fully described including find locations, there has never been an easier way to identify your finds.

Most of the artefacts illustrated in this book have been recorded by the author since 1995, the majority previously unpublished.

Contents include: Mounts • Horse Harness fittings • Religious Objects • Axes, Spears, Knives & Daggers • Tools & Instruments • Vessels and Receptacles • Jewellery and Fasteners • Personal Objects • Weights • Keys & Padlocks • Militaria • Miscellaneous

Hardback, 320 pages


£ 30.00
**NEW  - Published May 2023**

The Rebel Emperors of Britannia - Carausius and Allectus, by Sam Moorhead and Graham Barker

We've all heard of Carausius and Allectus, some of you will even have been lucky enough to find their coins – this wonderful new hardback book tells the story of these two rebel emperors.

Beautifullly illustrated in full colour featuring many of their coins, this book will be fascinating to anyone interested in one of the most exciting periods in Britain's history under the Romans.

240 x 152mm
244 pages
Hardback with colour illustrations throughout.

£ 25.00
The English Long-Cross Pennies 1279-1489

The English Long-Cross Pennies 1279-1489 by Christopher R. Wren 

Paperback, 196 pages

This volume covers Edward I to Henry VII and is part of
Christopher Wren’s invaluable trio of guides to Medieval pennies were first published in the 1990s and are intended as an introduction to assist new collectors and detectorists alike in classifying the coins.

These books give a brief historical context of the short cross coinage and the development of the classification system in used today.  Information from the original written records has been invaluable in establishing a chronology, and in placing coins of the different types in sequence.

These Royal Numismatic Society Lhotka Prize winning titles are packed full of practical information on this extensive English medieval penny series.  They includes tables and many drawings, together with a detailed bibliography for further reading, and notes on such subjects as legend errors, continental imitations and the related issues from Scotland and Ireland.