Celtic Coin Books

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Britain's First Coins - Chris RuddBritain’s First Coins takes a fresh look at British iron age coins. It contains 300 coin photos, most greatly enlarged to aid identification. 

For about 150 years, Britons minted their own tribal coins until the Romans stopped them in AD 43. During this brief period, about 100 rulers of a dozen different tribes issued no fewer than 1000 different coins. 2000 years later, the imaginative imagery of these ancient British coins remains unsurpassed. This was Britain's golden age of daring coin design.
The book is a crisp and colourful introduction to a fascinating series of ancient coins. Read it and you’ll want to start collecting them.

56 pages
A5 Paperback (210 x 148mm)
ISBN 978-0956688910
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War Coins of the Sun Warriors - Norman Rybot
War Coins of the Sun Warriors 
focuses on the iron age silver staters of the Coriosolites (The Sun Warriors) which have long been recognised as a key part of Britain’s imported coinage.

Contains 240 coins drawings with detailed descriptions to aid identification plus distribution maps. 


88 pages
A5 Paperback (210 x 148mm)
ISBN 978-0-9566889-4-1
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Boar Horse - Matthew RichBoar Horse covers the earliest silver coins of the Corieltavi (c.60 BC – AD 10) and catalogues 123 types and sub types.

Every coin is described in detail with enlarged drawings to make identification simple, with a guide to its rarity.

"One of the most beautiful, fascinating and complex coinages of the British Iron Age has finally received the attention it deserves” says Dr Philip de Jersey. "This superbly illustrated catalogue is the ideal handbook to guide collectors through the maze of types and varieties, many previously unpublished” says Dr John Sills. 

A5, 80 pages, paperback

ISBN: 978-0-9566889-2-7

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Ancient British Coins - Chris Rudd
A beautiful Celtic catalogue with 2000 twice-size coin photos

An easy catalogue of the iron age coins of Britain
– the coins of the Pritani (c.150 BC-c.AD 45) – compiled by Elizabeth Cottam, Philip de Jersey, Chris Rudd and John Sills from the 45,000 Pritanic coins recorded by the Celtic Coin Index at the Institute of Archaeology, University of Oxford 
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Coins of the Iceni – Chris Rudd

Coins of the Iceni (COI) is the most convenient, most comprehensive catalogue of the Celtic coins of Norfolk c.55 BC-c.AD 47.

• 400 enlarged photos, mainly of coins from the incomparable collection of Dr John Talbot in the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford

• 60 colour illustrations and maps

• two-way ABC-COI concordances

• index of Icenian coins by type names


A5, 96pp, paperback, £20


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The Tribes & Coins of Celtic Britain by Rainer Pudill & Clive Eyre
The Celts left no written records and the only historical accounts we have of them derive mainly from Roman writers. This makes archaeological finds all the more important and Celtic coins, in particular, unique as sources of information.

As little as 30 years ago many mysteries - and misconceptions - still existed as to the Celtic tribes of Britain and their kings. But thanks to metal detecting finds and the Celtic Coin Index, far more is now known.

In this book Rainer Pudill draws on his own experience as a collector - and this new knowledge - to present the latest thinking and facts on the Celts and their coins.