Roman Buckles and Military Fittings

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Roman Buckles & Military Fittings
Over the centuries that the Roman army occupied Britain, its soldiers used a bewildering variety of fittings. This book documents and identifies many of the items of Roman military kit encountered today by detectorists and archaeologists and sets them in their historical and military context. Illustrated with over 900 colour photographs.

Contents include: Early Empire Buckles -Dolphin Buckles - Dragon Buckles - Bird Buckles - Horse head buckles - Lion Buckles - Strap ends - Belt stiffeners - Belt Plates - Helmet Fittings - Sword and Dagger Fittings - Armour Fittings - Shield Fittings - Apron Fittings - Horse harness Fittings - Roman military glossary - Bibliography

250mm x 190mm, 284 pages
ISBN 978 1 897738 290