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This month's contents include:


News and Views  From Celtic silver to Cornish gold, lead soldiers from the USA to returning lost rings, a round-up of this monthís news and storiesfrom the world of metal detecting.


Reader Finds  A showcase of some of our readersí recent finds.


Using a Minelab GPX 5000  Gordon Heritage explains just why this specialist detector is invaluable.


The Groat Finders Three  Henry Francois, Sarah Oliver and Simon Blackford, the joint finders of a hoard in Wiltshire, give us their personal accounts of their amazing finds.


Medieval Magic and Mystery  John Keeneís searches around a medieval church and a roman villa site produce an interesting selection of finds.


Not Just About the Finds  Gary Cook takes a look at the human side of metal detecting and the friendships he has made over the years.


Four Decades of Treasure Hunting  Geoff Mellardís detecting story, from his early days of searching wrecks, to the hundreds of Roman coins he has unearthed is a fascinating read.


Introducing the FLOs  Wil Partridge, Finds Liaison Officer for Wiltshire.


Auction Round-Up  A summary of some of the wonderful lots sold in the TimeLine Auctions saleroom.


Detecting Finds from the Boer War  Reghardt Van Jaarsveld detects in South Africa around the area of the Siege of Ladysmith.


Bug Eyes and Broken Bowls  Rickey Jones gives his account of finding a stunning Celtic bowl in Kent.


The Eggleston Hoard  Read Phil Holtís amazing tale of finding a large hoard of Bronze Age artefacts.


Club Round-Up