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TREASURE HUNTING AUGUST 2018Bumper 100 page issue! Including a wonderful 12 page special of the 20 best ever mudlarking finds from the Thames.
Plus the usual selection of great articles and wonderful finds....


Historical Treasures from the River Thames  Jason Sandy

The Anatomy of a Scottish Hoard  Lee Swan

XP Deus: No Limits  Gary Blackwell

Field Test – Makro Multi Kruzer  Stephen Grey

Winds of Change  Denise Moncaster

Coinage in Anglo-Saxon England – Secondary Phase Coins, The Midlands and Northern England  Dr. Richard Kelleher

Detecting – The Hobby for the Patiently Hopeful  Aaron Cooper

Spotlight on PAS Finds  Ben Westwood

Club Round-Up

News and Views

Reader Finds

Auction Round-Up